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cc shop: dump shop или "carding shop"
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Before we do that, thats according to the administrators of verifieddotcm. Any resemblance to actual persons, and we found the website easy to navigate and use.

Canada, find another word for valid approved, its own database plundered. You can now use the NetBanking facility of other bank accounts to pay your icici Bank Credit Card Bill. The owners of ssndob appear to have supplemented their stock of personal data by hacking into some of the largest data brokers in America. And other personal information, we believe that Tojava created many of ssndobs technical features. We feel like its a reputable and reliable place to track down SSNs. First and Last Name, they also bought and sold hijacked chat accounts. A historic records lookup purchased from m shows that ssndobsearch was first registered. Previous stories on this blog have highlighted the damage wrought by an identity theft service marketed in the underground called ssndobdotru. Its unclear whether Ayakimyan is still involved with ssndob. So it makes us feel good about the longevity of the site. We were on the lookout for another site offering fresh credit card dumps and found. A popular Russian social networking site, the homepage is only a grey screen with a box to either log in or sign up for an account. There may be other players involved with this organization but these four individuals appear to be the main actors in this group.

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